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Hire the complete venue for your own gig, showcase or C.D Launch for as little as £70.00 (sound engineer cost).
This includes a state of the art PA system, full LED light show (including moving head and colour change lighting), LED batons and haze machine. Also includes 2 huge video screens situated either side of the stage (you can bring your own graphics) to customise and enhance your show.

We will help promote the show via our website listings, Facebook (where we have over 15,000 followers) and newspaper advertising.

Hiring the River Rooms is an excellent way to raise funds for your bands recording and demo fees, 100% OF ALL TICKET MONIES AND DOOR ADMISSIONS GOES DIRECT TO YOUR BAND.
Get in touch today and let’s get your gig on sale.

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Please contact us on 07986 577 661or 01384 397 177 to book.

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