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River Rooms

Friday 16th February 2018


Changing Man take the best known Jam songs and produce a live set filled with anthemic hits including ‘Start’, ‘That’s Entertainment’, Going Underground’, and many more…CHANGING MAN mimic the live set up you would see at a Weller show today, all live instruments and with an attention to detail to sound that is unrivalled. Full costume and custom made backdrop add more detail to this thrilling tribute.

Ok, your question for £1m is: name 3 hit singles by 80s band, The Police…ooh,er Message In A Bottle? Er, Walking On The Moon?…Every breath You Take? See, not that hard is it? No need to phone a friend on that one! People tend to forget just how influential and loved THE POLICE actually were in their heyday. Being one of the biggest bands of the 80s both here and across the Atlantic. It may be over twenty years ago since the band called it a day but the hits they produced stand the test of time better than most bands of that era. Today their definitive tribute-THE POLICE FORCE, are recreating the sound, looks, energy and tenacity this formidable 3 piece once produced. Fans of the bands figure head “Sting” will also be pleased to hear a couple of the solo hits thrown in for good measure. So sit back and enjoy and “may the Force be with you”.


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River RoomsRiver Rooms

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